Jul 15, 2018


Anthony et Armand
@antdane @armanddicker
Photographer @mark.maruwut
All Cloths Supermarket18 

Mar 26, 2018


 Bangkok International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 at Siam Paragon. Open show Greyhound X HIVE LIFE
 palmer harding
 BOB. Q Design P.MITH LeisureProjects
 Gin&Milk at Siam Center
Tube Gallery

Feb 2, 2018


 asava "subliminal" return to it core, timeless  simple and intellectual. still and not chase after fast trends 
 ASV. portray a story of summer wanderlust. NYC. girls go to LAX.
 TandT "the virgin cruising" the fresh flowers print and tulle net which is signature of the brand

 ISSUE "the invisible" continues to seek inspiration from the far east and 1970s
 Patinya "East mett West" classic feminine but not too conservative 
  roj issue
 kloset "a beautiful mind" inspired by the painting of naomi okubo. come new print of westernland rose and spring field
 milin "limited" day to night wear for new girl who are sensual but rebellious
 painkiller "the mystical crystal island" เกาะแก้วพิสดาร the adventure story of a boy a boat and a love to mermaid
 greyhound original "unofficial" a creative not so tailor with twist and a touch of decon

vickteerut "summer and other stories" beach life tanned skin in a contemporary fem attitude 

Bangkok Fashion Society BFS. spring summer 2018 collection from 10 Thai designers.
Together with Bangkok Design Week 2018 at TCDC.

Sep 16, 2017


 for asava, true beauty come from within. "grace" reflected one
's intelligent through action and decisions.
 asv is "at the ballet"
 journey to santorini white beach come patinya's "beautiful blue journey"
 vickteerut open mind to "multiple perspectives"
 cure your shopaholic with milin "rehap season"
 take a trip to orient express in kloset's "wake up and rise"
 what is original? or unoriginal . greyhound "not original"
 "xin tian di" yesterday meet tomorrow t&t
 wear your heart in sretsis "universe"
 then go "across the universe" with theatre
 modern day princess in tutti "once upon a time"
 the prominently soft and sleek disaya "vanitas rebel"
take a ride to malaca" with issue new collection

Sep 5, 2017


 asava "grace" defined the beauty within every strong woman.once you find the true attractiveness of your soul then you can achieve the true beauty, senses and action.
 painkiller 'return to form' show the stylish men's wear using print denim and cotton in black and navy tonal 
 theatre "across the universe" the beatles icon of 60s music to the hand work ruffle and bows tie and prints details which are signature of brand
 tube gallery "the portrait of a lady" inspired by the art of klimt in maximum volume
 asv "at the ballet" asava sister brand show their collection inspired by the military mix ballerina
 q design and play x ditp. show the capsule collection "super fine"
 hooks 10th anniversary show. 'ayarain 9" dedicated to the royal highness king rama9's life greatest and achievement
 vatanika is a vampire rising!
 kloset "in the mood for love" vintage oriental with romantic attitude
 landmee debut show at elle fashion week "landmee club" 70s 80s inspired disco cloths
 also debut everyday karmakamet "this mission is too important" sport wear inspired modern casual cloths
 vatit itthi beautiful ready to wear and custom made bride comes dreams
closing bangkok fashion week aw2017 collection with vickteerut perspective on cubism come minimal but very modern